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Our Kosher Gelatin is more than a symbol - it is the highest level of kosher.

We provide Kosher Beef Gelatin, Gelita Brand. Our Gelitan begins with Kosher animals, slaughtered, and their hides seperated & processed all according to Kosher OU Standard. We have a special Gelatin Production at the world's largest and most prestigious factory in the world.
We provide Kosher Bovine Collagen, Gelita Brand. Our Quality Collagen Powder has the highest levels of Hydroxyproline. Our Collagen Powder starts with Kosher Animals & Kosher slaughter, their hides seperated & processed all according to the OU standard. Specialized Kosher Collagen Production in the Worlds Largest and most prestigues collagen producer in the world.
We provide CRC Hisachdus Kosher Fish Gelatin- selected Kosher Tilapia scales, dedicated to a kosher facility for Kosher Fish Gelatin.
We provide, CRC Hisachdus Fish Kosher Collagen Powder. Our Collagen comes from Kosher Tilapia scales, dedicated to a kosher facility for a quality Kosher Collagen Powder.
QUALITY? We have quality control on all of our Kosher Gelatin and Kosher Collagen Powder to guarantee quality every production.
KOSHER? We use the Worlds most recognized and trusted Kosher Ceritification.
Our Kosher Gelatin And Collagen, is accepted by all major Kosher sysmbols, including the Star-K, Kof-K, OK, and many more.
Our Beef Gelatin & Bovine Collagen is kosher for passover 


What is Kosher Gelatin?

Kosher Gelatin is produced and processed from Kosher animals, in accordance with Jewish Law.

There are different choices for your sources of Kosher Gelatin, with Beef Gelatin or Fish Gelatin as the most common.

Kosher Beef Gelatin is produced from the hides of slaughtered cows and processed according to Jewish Law.

Kosher Fish Gelatin is produced from Kosher Fish Scales processed according to Jewish Law. David Holzer our CEO is the creater of Kosher Marine Gelatin. In 1993 he filed a US PATENT

What is Kosher Collagen Powder?

Kosher Collagen Powder is made from Kosher animals hides or skin processed according to Jewish Law.

Kosher Collagen Powder is hard to find. Many companies, including Vital Proteins and Great Lakes, write "kosher" but they are NOT OU Certified. In fact they are not certified by any reliable Kosher Certification. They simply claim to be kosher without any verification .

Why Do Consumers Pick FITgelatin?

The answer is simple ANYONE can write "Kosher," actually many companies write Kosher, such as Knox, Great Lakes, Vital Proteins, eventhough they are not Kosher.

We are the only OU & CRC Certified Kosher Gelatin.

The Main reason Fitgelatins is above the rest is because of our amazing CEO David Holzer. He has been working in the Kosher Gelatin Business for over 30 years. He has built an honest reputation as a reliable honest supplier of Kosher Gelatin across the world. He understands the crucial details to producing quality food and is available to help you understand which gelatin is best suited for you. He has even built a reputation in the non kosher gelatin world as a great resource.

Is Gelatin Kosher?

The standard Gelatin you encounter is not Kosher, because it's generally produced from Pig which is not a kosher animal.

Another standard source for Gelatin is Bovine. Even though the gelatin is from a Kosher animal, in order to be Kosher it must have kosher slaughter and skin processing.

FITGelatins is the only provider of Kosher Bovine Gelatin & Kosher Fish Gelatin. We also sell Kosher Collagen Powder Bovine and Marine.

Is our Kosher Gelatin also Halal?

Yes. Kosher Gelatin and Collagen will work for observers of Halal. Speak to a representative for more details before ordering.

Health Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen is the core protein found in the body's connective tissues. It has been proven to have many health benefits for Skin, Arthritis, Hair & Nails.