FIT is the North American Distributor for Peptiplus Geliko brand OU Kosher Beef Collagen hydrosolite. This is a non-gelling collagen which is used as a nutrition supplement. Collagen is certified Pareve so it can be used in dairy or pareve applications. Collagen is Kosher for Passover. The collagen is an exact substitute for standard bovine collagen - the only difference is in the sourcing of raw material. Our collagen is produced exclusively from kosher certified hides, and is continuously segregated and processed in kosher facilities.

We are the provider for all OU Kosher Collagen Powder. 

The links below are Kosher Certification, Spec Sheets, as well as Health Benefits.

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    Aleta Collagen is the official a retail supplier of Kosher collagen from FITgelatins