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100% Kosher Bovine Collagen. Pasture raised. OU Pareve

Collagen can help you with

  • Get thicker & more luscious hair
  • Smooth, hydrated skin you will love to touch.
  • Improve joint health & comfort, to feel more comfortable
  • Stronger nails no more cracking
  • Gut digestion

And so much more....

Kosher Bovine Collagen

Quality Collagen

Aleta Kosher Collagen is from the highest quality pasture raised cows in the world. We only use Gelita quality bovine collagen.

Kosher Bovine Collagen

How is Collagen Kosher

Kosher Collagen is Kosher Pareve, because according to Reb Moshe Feinstein (an accepted Orthodox Rabbi) Collagen is no longer recognizable as a deriative of the cow hide. Therefore it is pareve and can be used in kosher diets with dairy products.

In order for the Collagen to be Kosher it must have Kosher Slaughter, and Kosher hide seperation. Most companies claim to sell Bovine "Kosher" Collagen Powder but are not kosher, such as Vital Proteins and Great Lakes Niagra, because they dont have OU certification.

If you would like to learn more about aletacollagen follow here to get all the details.

What is the benefit of Collagen

Kosher Collagen is a fine product which is enjoyable to add to all of your delicious meals.

It's rich with protein. Which is extremely helpful for your entire body to function. The average human needs half of their body weight and grams of protein. She means if you weigh 180 lb every single day you should have 90 g of protein to fully function. Our Collagen Is your secret miracleprotein to help you reach your goal.It's super simple to add to any mealfrom breakfast to lunch to dinner from morning coffee. Too late night tea. Simply add the collagen and Set back and relax.

Over the next few weeks if you consistently take the collagen you should be able to noticemore energy as well as clearer hair skin and nails.It can also help many elderly peoplewith joint pain

Currently finding Kosher Collagen is hard as many Companies claim to be kosher but have no actual kosher certification.

The Found of the company David Holzer has always been on a mission to help the world, this product is just part of it.

So come explore all the amazing products.

How to enjoy Collagen

Add 1 tablespoon to your favorite hot drink, every morning.

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