The Process of Making Kosher Gelatin

From the Bovine to the Bowl 

What is Gelatin made of.

Kosher gelatin is made from the collagen found in animal hides, or from fish scales. The hides used for Kosher bovine gelatin  are sourced from cows from the open fields of South America. The scales used for Marine Gelatin are sourced from Tilapia fish from the Pacific Ocean.

How is Gelatin Kosher?

We are gonna learn how Gelatin is made from the your local farm cow to your kitchen table! To produce kosher gelatin from bovine hides, the animal must be slaughtered according to Jewish dietary laws. This process, called shechita, involves a highly skilled shochet (ritual slaughterer) using a very sharp knife to quickly and painlessly sever the animal's jugular vein and carotid artery. This ensures that the animal dies as quickly and humanely as possible.

After slaughter, a trained inspector (mashgiach) checks the animal's internal organs for any signs of disease or abnormalities. If any issues are found, the animal is deemed non-kosher and cannot be used for gelatin production.

How is Gelatin made?

Once an animal is determined to be kosher, its hide is sent off for processing into gelatin using the steps described.



1) Fitgelatins manufactures kosher gelatin using the "Type A" or "acid" process. Washed hide undergoes an acid treatment to render the collagen soluble in warm water, a prerequisite for the subsequent extraction process. Following this step, excess acid and salts are rinsed out with water.

2) Gelatin is then extracted from the raw materials using a warm water continuous or a multi-stage extraction system. The material extracted in any one stage is subjected to re-extraction with water at a higher temperature. This process is repeated until all of the gelatin has been extracted.

3) Extracted gelatin is isolated using high-performance separators. Any mineral salts remaining are reduced or removed as required.

4) The purified, concentrated gelatin solution is sterilized, and then extruded through perforated disks to form "noodles". The gelatin noodles are then dried in a band drier supplied with filtered, dehumidified and disinfected air, coarsely ground and then placed in quarantine for quality control testing.

Only when gelatin, that meets all physical, chemical and biological testing specifications it is released for further use.

FiTgelatins manufactures kosher gelatin in ISO 9000 certified facilities, following kosher process guidelines established by the Orthodox Union (OU). Raw materials provision, logistics and transport systems are monitored and maintained by FiTgelatins and its parent company, Gelita, to ensure the safety, freshness and traceability of all raw materials. (1)


Sourcing High-Quality, Sustainable Fish-Based Gelatin for Kosher Certification

While kosher gelatin is a popular ingredient in many products, sourcing high-quality and sustainable fish-based gelatin can be challenging for manufacturers seeking kosher certification. Not all fish species are considered kosher, which limits the pool of potential sources for fish-based gelatin.

Additionally, ensuring that the fish used to make the gelatin meet strict kosher standards requires careful attention and monitoring throughout the entire production process. This includes verifying that the fish were processed according to kosher guidelines.

To overcome these challenges, some manufacturers have turned to specialized suppliers who specialize in producing high-quality, sustainable fish-based gelatin that meets strict kosher standards. Fitgelatins work closely with their partners to ensure that every step of the production process is carefully monitored and documented to maintain kosher certification.

Despite these challenges, more and more manufacturers are recognizing the benefits of using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients in their products. By working together with specialized suppliers who prioritize quality and sustainability, manufacturers can continue to offer high-quality products made with kosher-certified ingredients while also promoting a healthier planet. (2)


The Health Benefits of Using Kosher Gelatin

Kosher gelatin is often preferred over non-kosher alternatives for its numerous health benefits. For starters, kosher gelatin is free from any animal byproducts that may be harmful to human health. Instead, it is derived from collagen-rich animal bones and skin, which are packed with essential amino acids that promote healthy digestion and gut health.

Furthermore, kosher gelatin contains high levels of glycine, an amino acid that has been shown to improve sleep quality and reduce inflammation in the body. Glycine also helps to support joint health and can even help to boost the immune system.

Compared to non-kosher alternatives, which may contain harmful additives and preservatives, kosher gelatin is a much healthier option for those looking to incorporate gelatin into their diet. Whether you're making marshmallows or gummies, choosing kosher gelatin can help keep you on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

Is Gelatin Vegetarian/Vegan

While kosher gelatin is free from non-kosher substances, it is important to note that it is not considered Vegetarian or Vegan. Gelatin is sourced only from animal sources such as fish bones or bovine hides. Therefore, vegans should avoid consuming products containing kosher gelatin.(3)

For those seeking vegan alternatives to gelatin, there are several options available. In conclusion, while kosher gelatin has it's significance in Jewish dietary laws and practices, it may not be suitable for those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It's important to check the ingredients list carefully before consuming any product containing gelatin if you're following these lifestyles. (4)






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