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About FITGelatins

Food Industries Technology was founded by David Holzer with the goal of providing affordable and environmentally friendly options for Kosher Gelatin and Kosher Collagen. In 1987, he introduced Kosher Beef Gelatin as an alternative to non-kosher options. In 1993, David invented Kosher Fish Gelatin, which has since become a trusted ingredient in kosher products. Our Kosher Gelatin is renowned for its exceptional quality and is widely used in both commercial and consumer applications.

Our Mission

At FITGelatins, we aim to simplify the process of purchasing Kosher Gelatin and Collagen. We are the North American distributor for Geliko Kosher Gelatin & Collagen.

We are proud to be the largest provider of Kosher Gelatin and Collagen in the world. We work with many large companies, mom and pop stores, and individuals to ensure they receive their product on time and with no hassle.

Our Products

Our Kosher Collagen Powder is the first OU Certified Bovine Collagen in the world. Our Bovine and Fish Gelatin is of the highest quality, and every lot is accounted for and guaranteed to be the best.


Our CEO, David Holzer, has been working in the Kosher Gelatin Business for over 30 years. He has built an honest reputation as a reliable and honest supplier of Kosher Gelatin across the world. He understands the crucial details to producing quality food and is available to help you understand which gelatin is best suited for you. He has even built a reputation in the non-kosher gelatin world as a great resource.

Our History

Most ingredients have an easy kosher substitution, but Kosher Gelatin is a unique ingredient that requires a large amount of kosher raw material, such as kosher hides or gel bone exclusively made from kosher slaughter. The process of collecting enough raw material to make this viable was a major challenge.

We began the process back in 1987, meeting with Kind and Knox, a major US gelatin bone manufacturer, and working out a process where we could collect gel bone from a major US packer. At that point, Alley Packing was willing to work with us, but unfortunately, they shut down, and there was no other reliable kosher packer with enough capacity.

In 1992, we embarked on a new direction to create a viable method of creating kosher gelatin from fish skin. After much research, we filed a patent for the production of gelatin from fish skin, specifically from Tilapia and Nile Perch, where the skin had collagen with high levels of hydroxyproline and produced a gelatin with high Bloom and viscosity. Much of the research was conducted in Miami.

The US PATENT was filed in 1993, and we were able to find a situation in Costa Rica where we had a good source of Tilapia fish skin on the west coast and a small gelatin manufacturer on the east coast. In 1993, we began the first commercial production of gelatin, and through the years, we needed to expand production, so we reached out to a company in Spain called Junca, which is located right next to Gerona where the Rishonim Ramban and Rabbenu Yonah lived. The owner told me he knows the original family name was Solomon and that they were Jews, and he was excited to show me the remains of a Mikvah. We did productions there for years.

Thank you for considering FITGelatins for your Kosher Gelatin and Collagen needs.



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