About Us!

Who We Are.

David Holzer started Food Industries Technology with the idea of providing, Kosher Gelatin & Kosher Collagen for the masses in an affordable and environmentally friendly way.

What Do We Provide? 

We removed the difficult question of, Where to buy Kosher Gelatin? Now you can simply order online. Wholesale orders reach out directly and get a quote today.  

Now it is a thing of the past to ask the question 'Where can i buy Kosher Collagen? Order online and get it delivered right at your door. If your ordering larger quantities reach out today and get a quote.

How Do We Do It?

We are the North American distributor for Geliko Kosher Gelatin & Collagen. We are proud to be the Largest provider in the USA of Kosher Gelatin & Collagen.

As well, we provide Kosher Gelatin and Collagen across the world!

We work with many large companies making sure they receive their product on time and with no hassle. We also work with many mom and pop stores as well as providing directly to our customers. 

About Our Product

Our Kosher Collagen Powder, is the first OU Certified Bovine Collagen in the world. Our Collagen Powder is very highly regarded, it is used in many collagen benefit studies.

Why Do they use our Collagen? Our Collagen is from the most reputable gelatin and collagen producer in the world.

Whats special about our Kosher Collagen Powder? Simple our Collagen has the most hydroxyproline. The more hydroxyproline the more your skin will glow on. 

To Be Kosher Our Gelatin,