The Kosher Gelatin Scoop

What is Kosher Gelatin?

Kosher Gelatin is Gelatin which has followed all the Kosher Laws of food production.

What is kosher Gelatin made of?

Kosher Gelatin is made from two different sources.  Kosher Beef Gelatin which is from Kosher Slaughtered Cows hides. The hides are separated and treated according to Jewish Law.     

Kosher Fish Gelatin is from the scales of Kosher fish. After the scales are separated they are processed to create Kosher Marine Gelatin. Our Kosher Gelatin is Produced from Wild Tilapia Fish  

In conclusion anyone can write Kosher on their Gelatin (or any product)... but only certain Gelatin are Certified Kosher.

Which Companies Sell Kosher Beef Gelatin Certified Kosher? Well the answer is SIMPLE ONLY US!

Kosher Gelatin 

  • Fitgelatins

Non Kosher Gelatin

  • Great Lakes Gelatin
  • Custom Collagen
  • Knox
  • Any Gelatin which does not have a kosher symbol approved by the CRC.

Is Gelatin Kosher

The standard Gelatin you encounter is not Kosher, because it's generally produced from Pig which is not a kosher animal.

Another standard source for Gelatin is Bovine. Even though the gelatin is from a Kosher animal, in order to be Kosher it must have kosher slaughter and skin processing.

FITGelatins is the only provider of Kosher Bovine Gelatin & Kosher Fish Gelatin. We also sell Kosher Collagen Powder Bovine and Marine.

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